North Goa District

north goa district

North Goa district, the Indian state is one of the two districts of Goa. The area of the district is 1736 kmĀ² and it is surrounded by Sindhudurg and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra, south Goa district in the south and the Arabian Sea in the west, respectively, in the north and east respectively

History of North Goa

Today most of North Goa Pradesh (Pernem, Bicholim and Safari ), never Sawantwadi monarchy were subjected to while Ponda ever periodically Sunda monarchy the Marathas or Sawantwadi remained in the jurisdiction of the monarchy.

Therefore, these areas were considered as a safe area for the Hindus, whereas most of the areas in the region remained in a constant state of fear due to Hindu Dharma. In the 18th century as a part of the new conquest of the Portuguese, the Portuguese conquered these territories and merged them in their empire and in 1961 they remained under the Portuguese Empire until the occupation of the Indian Republic.

Goa-Union Territory was formed in association with Goa and two other former Portuguese outsiders. In 1965 Goa was reorganized as a district. On May 30, 1987, Goa got state status (whereas Daman and Diu remained a Union Territory) and Goa was reorganized in two districts North Goa and South Goa.

Language Spoken

Konkani is the mother tongue of most people of North Goa, whereas Marathi and Kannada languages are spoken in areas adjacent to Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively. Most of the educated people of Goa state have knowledge of English language and almost all the people of Hindi language. A small part of the population possesses knowledge of the Portuguese language, but this number is constantly decreasing.

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