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Generally, it seems like, Goa’s is only a beautiful beaches state, where Sand bathing, water sports and the crazy crew of beach party are everywhere. 

Surely these things make Goa different and different from other places. But let us tell you that besides these there is a lot to roam in Goa. 

If you are also thinking of going to Goa this season, then make a list of places to roam and list out to be uncomfortable for the picnic … 

Carnaval and Wine Festival Special Attractions 


Goa is organized every year at the Goa Carnival, which shows a glimpse of the magnificent culture and life here. This carnival is celebrated as the main festival of Goa and it has lots of fun. There is an atmosphere of celebration on this occasion, so a large number of tourists come from India and abroad to participate in this. 

In addition, every year the wine festival Grip Escapade is organized in Goa. It is Asia’s largest wine festival. Here you can take part in dancing and singing tastes of every test and enjoy local food of Goa Goa. Apart from this, many festivals like Shigmo Festival, Food and Culture Festival, Larai Jatra are also organized in Goa. 

Adventure tourism  Goa government has recently introduced several adventure sports in the state. 

Hot Balloon: Goa Tourism has started Hot Air Balloon on Beechage last year. You can lift the balloon on the Baga beach and Candolim beach in Panaji.

Moonlight Kayaking: The Goa government has recently started this service in the night.Caravan Tours: Through Caravan, you will be able to enjoy the exciting and spectacular way of sightseeing throughout Goa. 

Goa Tourism is also planning to connect this caravan tour with some of the major coastal coastal areas of Karnataka. 

Helicopter ride: After heavy protests, once again, Heli tourism has begun in Goa. 

This service has been started by Goa Tourism Development Corporation and Pawan Hans.
Cruise Ride: In Goa, you also get a chance to enjoy a cruise ride. During the journey, there are various events organized on the cruise, which include dancing and many recreational sports. Overall, this is a fun journey. 

Watersports: There is also a chance for all water sports such as River Rafting, Wind Surfing, Scuba Diving, Water Skiing, Water Scooter in Goa. Simultaneously, the Goa government will soon launch C-Plains, Dakota, Paragliding, Motorized Paragliding, Segway Tour, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving, and Horse Riding

Heritage tourism

There is also a rich heritage of heritage tourism in Goa. Here are two world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church in Old Goa is in the first place. In this church, the body of Saint Francis Xavier’s body is kept safe in a silver coffin without any coating. 

This church is famous for its unsurpassed architecture and sculpture. The second largest church here is the Cathedral Church. It is the second church of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This church is one of Asia’s largest churches. 

This church, painted with white color on the outer walls, is as beautiful as it is from outside, equally beautiful from inside. The same church had a famous golden bull around the world, whose voice was heard from Panaji. 

Apart from this, you can see many magnificent churches and temples built in Portuguese style in Goa. Among them is the Church of Lady Immaculate, Race Magos Church, Shantadurga Temple, Brahma Temple.

And much more Beach in Goa, in addition to the church, carnival and sports Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Turtle Nesting, Goa Picture Museum, Heritage Village, Goa Science Center, Digital Planetarium, Tropical Spice Plantation like to enjoy the many beautiful sights Can pick up. 

Between Goa
Now talk about Goa and there is no discussion between the two, then something seems incomplete. Goa is famous for its beauty in the whole world. This is the reason that people come here not only from their own country but also from abroad. The most famous among the beaches are Baga Beach

This beach is famous for the delicate seafood, nightlife, and party (Club Cubana). With this, water sports are also large scale here. The Agonda Beach, which is one of Asia’s most attractive beaches, is especially known for its cleanliness. 

Since the crowd is less in this, it is a perfect place for those who want to spend time in peace. Candolim Beach is located 12 kilometers from Panaji in North Goa. It is one of the longest beaches of Goa. Here you can enjoy many water sports. 


Tourists from all over the country come roaming in Goa, so the availability of trains and flights to get here is easily available. According to Mittu Chandilia, CEO of Air Asia, “Goa is one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, so we are able to avail the service of the whole country from Goa to the lowest price.” 

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